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The World Concrete Forum is intended to be a meeting place for the $1.3 trillion global concrete industry. The short presentation above gives you a summary of the key points. We anticipate two hubs – one for trade and industry bodies and one for concrete producers – each hub would be clustered to give focus. A range of commercial activities are also being planned. Designing how it might work is a continuing process and there are ongoing exchanges with potential stakeholders – in some ways the Forum already exists. We have Twitter accounts at @WorldConcreteF which you can follow in the box on the left and also a cluster account at @WorldPrecast. .

We are sponsoring the World Concrete 500 from August 1st – a ranking table of the top 500 social networkers in the global concrete and cement industry – this can be found at A prospectus will be issued later this year which will outline benefits, services and costs – please register your interest below and we will be in touch. Please also visit for the latest information on available services.

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